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My name is Gregory Rauch. I’m a graphic designer born in ‘89, Poland, based in Wroclaw.
I work by colab_orate sign. Available for freelance and art direction. Better like my portfolio.

Music project called LONE. Starter pack for upcoming album.
Logo design and packaging for product called Ovoc. Made for Me & My Friends.
Identity for coffee and snacks pub Szklarnia based in Wroclaw, Poland.
Bory Niemodlińskie
Protection campaing for several species in woods based in Opolskie county in Poland.
Brands I have take part with
Adidas, Toshiba, T-Mobile, Desperados, Avaus, Empik, Millward Brown, Fortum, Tymbark, Giełda Papiertów Wartosciowych, Kubus, City-Interactive, Credit-Agricole, Me & My Friends, MoveApp.
Toshiba L7 Spot
Abstract 3D modelling for TV series L74. Collaboration with Made for Me & My Friends.
Sometimes featured in / with
KTR 2013 - Finals exhibition in Young Creatives category, 2nd place in Sony Exhibition “This Is Living”, Featured Paper Toy’s selection on Behance
Visual identity for 2015 and more.
Adidas Guest Program - Football event web application for mobile and desktop users. Made for Me & My Friends.
Robie Obrazki
Identity of my blog about graphic design
Art Of Code Hackathon
Visual identity, website and promotion pack for coding event -
.Made for Me & My Friends
KRK Protection
Bicycle wear collection for dirt / downhill / freeride series - gloves,
protection gear, shirts, packages and more.
Meeting Of Styles 2013
Key Visual for Meeting Of Styles 2013 in Poland.
Clothing project.
And this is all
If you want more - contact me